Preparation for moulding construction
Creatime: 2019/11/29
Installation and construction

Construction preparation

1. Before the closing construction, the closing wood decorative lines should be prepared and the lines selected.

① The distorted, scarred and decayed part of the line should be removed from the wooden decorative lines.

② It should also be noted that the color of wooden decorative lines should be consistent, and the lines should be thick and even.

③ The surface of wooden decorative lines should be smooth and free from pits and breakage.

2. When preparing the materials, please note that the wooden lines that are the same as the base material and the same color of the finish can be closed first, and then finished with the base simultaneously. Wooden lines with different or different colors from the base material can be closed separately after the base surface is finished.

3. Grass-roots treatment: check whether the seam is firmly fixed to the base surface of the seam, whether there is unevenness in the seam, and check its cause to strengthen and correct it.

Installation and construction

1. Wooden decorative lines are fixed: When conditions permit, they should be fixed with glue as much as possible. If nailing is needed, use a nail gun. He nailing is not allowed to show the nail head. The position of the nail should be in the groove of the wooden line or the side of the back sight. For example, when the height of the semi-circular wood line is less than 1.6M, it should be nailed to the lower part of the centerline of the wooden line, and when the height is greater than 1.7M, it should be nailed to the upper part of the centerline of the wooden line.

2, wood line stitching: you can first use straight spelling or corner spelling.

① Straight spelling method: It is to open the wooden lines at the opposite corner into 30 or 45 angles, and then glue the cross section to glue the glue. The glue needs to be smooth and not misplaced;

②Angle spelling: Put the line on the 45 angle fixer, cut it with a fine saw (to ensure that the cut edge is not bounded), and glue the cross section to fight it. Be careful not to have any misalignment or separation.

3. Attention: The position of the wooden decorative line's own counterpart should be far from the line of sight of the person, and should be placed in an inconspicuous position indoors.
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