How to deal with seams
Creatime: 2019/11/29
In the application of melamine solid wood lines, the existence of some seams is very common. In order to ensure better use of the lines and avoid the seams affecting the appearance and use of the lines, we need to take timely measures to deal with them.

In the application of solid wood lines, if it is the seam of the line and the door cover, a little transparent glass glue can be used. If it is a door core panel, it can only be repaired by qualified personnel. If the solid wood substrate of the wooden door lines is not bent, the drying material must be used. The moisture content after drying is about 15% in the south and about 13% in the north. The panel of the line, such as the wood line manufacturer, uses MDF or For plywood, you must choose a thicker material, which generally requires a thickness of more than 3.7mm; when glued and compounded, it must be pressure-set before the glue is dry.

The newly made melamine solid wood lines should be laid flat to ensure that the glue before drying is completely dry. The back of the base material has 2/3 anti-deformation grooves with a depth of 3 to 4mm, which makes the line's fixing effect better, more popular and recognized by users .
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